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Before I actually start giving you the links, a little disclaimer:

I am not responsible for the content of these sites. I add the links because I find interest in what is there. However, I will give warning to sites that have material that may be very offensive. Offensive doesn't mean:
"Oh, this site has a star, and I find that offensive because it symbolizes something I don't believe in."
If you complain about something like that, I will sell your email adress to marketing companies! Offensive means the site has content that is abusive to a group or an individual. I will include a note warning of such content.


Sites that have good information on a topic, I found humorous, or I think someone might find usefull.



These are forums I go to every now and then. If you're only interested in joining to cause problems, don't bother as it is pointless.
Myst 'Hangout'This is a great place for anyone who owns any game publishd by UBISoft. Yeah there are specific forums for each game, but we won't hold it against you if you want to come visit us but don't have the game.
OUFOutpost Universe Forums; a community of fans of Outpost 1, Outpost 1.5, and Outpost 2: Divided Destiny.
Myst 5A forum made by a member of the Myst Hangout to accompany his fan site. It is not to be confused with the official Myst 5: End of Ages forum.