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Welcome to Omega Command, a site with the core purpose of allowing me to play around with webcoding! However, rather than just leave the pages in a random assembly, I might as well bring some form of order to it. So, in the interest of having a purpose other than messing around with tags, punctiation marks, and various logic statements, I'm gathering up my other "projects" and thoughts in this central location! I might even throw in a how-to now and then aimed at helping people without the background knowledge, because I had zero experience with coding when I started this site.

Here is some information of what you can find here currently:

AboutSome history and a semi-FAQ about my site.
LinksLinks to some of my favorite sites, both fun and informative.
MediaImages, thoughts, musings, etc. If I had a youtube series, it would fall into here as well.
Helpful StuffAny how to's I end up making will be in here.
OtherAny projects I do just for the fun of it will be here.