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History of this site
My 'credentials'
Answers to questions

The History of Omega Command:

Omega Command started out in 1999 on what was a 'free' webhosting service through yahoo called Geocities. This was an early example of a tool that let you build a website without knowing anything about web coding. Since I was 12 at the time, much of the design was less than organized. The original intention for the site was to provide information and links related to my favorite game at the time. Over time, I added other topics but still dedicated most of the space to the same thing. After a while, I started to teach myself HTML in order to properly set up the pages the way I wanted to.

As I became more familiar with what could actually be done when you hand-code a website, the limitations I was running into were becoming frustrating. Having reached the breaking point with my irritation of the limitations and forced advertisments, I took up an offer from xfir--at the time the owner of the Outpost Universe Forums--to host my website for free in 2003. It didn't take long for me to realize just how little I really knew about web coding.

Over the next two years, I spent many hours experimenting with the codes and building my site, but never got around to finishing it. Quite often, I would decide I wanted to change the content and would end up having to trace pages back through the navigation system that was built for me by xfir.

In 2005, my website was lost when the server it was on dumped my host. While he had backed up the data to a personal drive, I ulimately lost that itteration for good. At this time I considered just giving up on web coding as a hobby, since I no longer had a place to work with it. However, later the same year I was again offered free hosting through the Outpost Universe community from the new owner.

Through some of my other online activities, I learned about dynamic images and became VERY interested in creating them. I was provided with some sample code and instructions on what to change for what I was working with, and soon found myself working with PHP. Since starting to teach myself PHP through websites and questioning more expereienced individuals, Omega Command has become better organized yet more dedicated to experimenting with what I learned to see what I can do.

With the start of 2012, I realized the unused potential of this website to share my projects with others. Now, I have a solid grasp of the actual content of Omega Command.

What Qualifies me to Speak on Certain Subjects:

Everything I talk about on this site is something I have direct experience with. While I might not always have the best method to use, I can say with relative certainty that it will work.

What's the purpose of Omega Command?

Currently, my goal is to share my projects and knowledge in a format that is easy to follow. While there is a very low chance of anyone finding this site, I hope that those who do find their way here find it helpful.

What is the meaning of the name?

Omega Command was more significant of a name when I first came up with it. As many people know, omega is often used to signify the last in an order of 'things'. Obviously, a command is an order given to a person, and thus we get the last order. This was symbolic of the ending to the game Outpost 2: Divided Destiny, as you give a final order to launch a starship to save the human race from self-inflicted annihilation.

Now that the purpose of the site is completely different than when it started out, the name is somewhat meaningless. I tried in the past to come up with a bullshit answer to this question before I finally realized how unimportant it truly is.

Why do I continue to build the site?

For my amusement, of course! Working with HTML, PHP, and on occasion CSS and JavaScript helps me practice error recognition and resolution. After all, scanning lines of code to find the point of failure (which often turns out to be a typo) gives you a lot of practice in seeing errors as you make them. It is very rare anymore for me to make the same mistake in my code more than 3 times, and I often realize a potential mistake before it happens in other things. I do make them at times, but not nearly as often as before I took up this hobby.

Why do you use such dark colors for everything?

One of the main complaints against computers for a long time has been the damage they can cause to your vision. The cause of said damage is linked to the fact that you are getting direct light from the monitor in your eyes. In non-computer everyday vision, the light you see is a reflection or dispersion rather than directly from the source. The easiest way to reduce this damage is lower brightness. Therefore, in the interest of reducing damage caused by viewing this website, I chose to reduce the brightness of the screen via darker colors.

Can you do 'x' for me?

I am more than willing to help out by looking at a project or helping explain how to do something. However, please keep in mind that I am not a professional. I studied Chemical Engineering and am studying Biotechnology, not IT/Computer Science stuff. Any advice I provide is based off of what I have learned works and might not be the best solution. I would strongly suggest seeking out professional assistance for anything that is critical and/or dangerous.